About us

Safari Tour Services
is a young compagny founded in 2015
by enteprenour Ken Oris Emobo.

With quite some experience in logistics and transportation bussiness, Ken decided to start his own compagny to offer quality transportation service for people that need more then just a taxi

Our vision

We are already an established company with excellent track record for customer satisfaction.
We will never compromise on the quality and the services provided to our customers.

Our goal is keeping our customers happy and providing them with the best posible services at a very competitive price.
Some of our services are even cheaper than what you would normaly pay for a regular taxi.
And with our fleet of quality cars and all the extra services we provide, also a lot more comfortable.


Our main office has recently moved to Hasselt, Belgium.
This location has the main benefit that it is very close to both The Netherlands and Germany.
This even gives us the opportunity to extend our services across the borders.

But we also offer our services in the rest of Belgium.

Our Services

Safari Tour Services offers a wide varity of transportation services.
Our main focus is on car rental with driver.

What ever kind of transportation you need, we can help you out.
It can be for a single trip, or you can hire us to drive you around the entire day.

  • Package Delivery
  • Business Meetings
  • Airport service
  • Shopping trips
  • Point to point
  • Site seeings tours
  • Events and parties
  • . . .

Just give us your itinerary and we will get you to where ever you want to go to, save and comfortably.

Package Delivery

Getting to your packages to where they need to go.

We will pick-up,transport and deliver all your important packages safely and fast to where ever you need them.

Not only you but also you clients will be made happy by our pofessional services.

Business Meetings

Getting to your business meetings, both on time and safely, is absolutely vital.

Let us drive you there. Just sit back, drop the worry and relax.

Give us your itinerary and we will put your business on the road.

Airport service

Need some transportation from or to the airport?
We are completely at your service.

We will pick you up or drop you of at the airport of your choosing.
We serve Brussels Airport, Charleroi Airport and all other airports and train stations in the area.

We will even help you load or unload your luggage so you can just relax and enjoy the ride.

Shopping trips

When visiting our beautifull country, there is one thing you just can not pass on, and that is a nice shopping trip through some of our many beautifull city's.

From the Nieuwstraat in Brussel, over the Meir in Antwerp, the Veldstraat in Gent, the Demerstraat in Hasselt and the Bondgenotenlaan in Leuven.

Every big city in Belgium has al least one major shopping street. The perfect opportunity to hit that credit card and afterwards you can relax in one of the many bistro's or restaurants.

Point 2 Point

Where ever you need to go, we will provide you with the quickest and most relaxing transportation you need.

For bussiness or entertainment, our service is the perfect solution for any of your transportation problems.

Site seeing tours

In Belgium there is a lot to see. Some of our cities belong to the most beautifull of Europe.

What ever you like to see, from amusements parks to medeival castles, we will bring you to the perfect spot so you can go and explore whatever our country have to offer you.

Events and party's

Want to go out, a night out in the city or party all night, or do you need transportation for your guests on your wedding or other event.

We will provide all the transportation you need so all you need to do is enjoy your event and not worry about your ride.

Our prices

Airport service Package delivery
Hasselt - Zaventem 55 € 55 €
Hasselt - Carleroi 95 € 95 €
Hasselt - Brussel Zuid 65 € 65 €
Hasselt - Antwerpen 55 € 55 €
Hasselt - Liège 45 € 45 €
Hasselt - Eindhoven 45 € 45 €
Hasselt - Maastricht 45 € 45 €
Hasselt - Keulen 55 € 55 €
Hasselt - Dusseldorf 90 € 90 €
Payments are cash on arrival.
For prices of our other services, bussiness meetings, point 2 point, shopping trips, events or others, please contact us to get more detailed information.

Visit Belgium

There are many reasons why you should be visiting our beautifull Belgium.
With its capital, Brussels, the political and geographical center of Europe there is just no reason why you should not travel to this great place.
Novice as wel as the experienced travelers will recommend this great small country to everyone.

This small country is packed with a whole lot of potential in a very small place, so no wasting prescious time on long drives to get around.
And because of our perfect location, smack in the hart of Europe, almost everybody here can speak english, even in the most rural areas.
Futher more does this central location make it a perfect starting point to explore the rest of Europe. Almost every European capital city, like Paris, London or Amsterdam and even Berlin, Rome or Madrid, are reachable within the same day, by car.

Amusement parks

logos pretparken

There are quite a few amusement parks, zoo's and animal parks in Belgium and our surrounding countries that are worth a visit.

So if you want to take your family out for some fun, just pick your favorite park and we will get you there.
And afterwards, we will come back and pick you up and bring to back to your hotel.

Belgium Rocks


Some of Europe's best festivals and Rock concerts take place in Belgium.

Especialy during the summer months, you can enjoy popular events like Werchter Rock Festival, Pukkelpop in Kiewit, Blues Festival in Peer, Folkfestival in Dranouter and lots more.

Even the world famous Tomorrowland has its roots in Belgian soil.

Pick your favorite event, and we will get you there and back.

Shopping trips


When visiting our beautifull country, there is one thing you just can not pass on, and that is a nice shopping trip through some of our many beautifull city's.

From the Nieuwstraat in Brussel, over the Meir in Antwerp, the Veldstraat in Gent, the Demerstraat in Hasselt and the Bondgenotenlaan in Leuven.

Every big city in Belgium has al least one major shoppingstreet. The perfect opportunity to hit that credit card and relax a bit afterwards in one of the many bistro's or restaurants.

Belgian food

Mosselen met friet

The food in Belgium is great.

Here the famous french fries, actualy a Belgian invention, are the best you will find in the world. In a classy restaurant, with a nice steak or fresh mussels, or just in your hand in a typical pointy 'frietzak', here you can eat it everywhere.

Ever heart of Belgian waffles? Well when you come here, you just have to try some. Hot, directly from the grill, or on a terras with some icecream. You just can't pass on this.

And then there is our famous chocolate. No were in the world you will find better chocolate then here in Belgium. Our chocolate is of such quality and is so desired that it is exported all over the world.

There is lots to discover cullinary, too much to mention it all. You just have to discover it by yourself, we will get you there.

Belgian beer


Even though Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it belongs to the biggest players when we talk about beer.

Over a 1000 different kinds of beer are brewed right here in Belgium. A fine tradition the goes back centuries. And what you will probably notice, is that almost every beer comes in its own glass.

So even if you are just passing through, you just can not pass the opportunity to have a taste of at least one of our great beers.

Just go and enjoy that golden beverage, we will bring you back safely to your hotel when you maybe had a few too many. ;)

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